Friday, May 9, 2014

The Threshold

Men are good at many things. Men know the power of threshold.

Let's just take a second and allow that sentence to soak in.

There have been times I have had to remind myself this sentence, but that's another topic. Anyway, I have always been puzzled that men have this instinctive way of knowing if something is big enough, small enough, weighs enough, gives out enough, takes in enough, has enough room, needs more...and I am not talking about sex. Sheesh. I am talking about like towing things, or pulling things, or building things. They can just look at something and throw out spectacular words like "torque, RPMs, fuel injection" whatever the hell any of these words really mean is beyond me (I'm not a dude!). I have always thought that they knew these things because,maybe, they worked around them all the time or studied them...but I've seen really stupid men walk into a situation, take one look at whatever Is loaded on whatever trailer, being pulled by whatever vehicle, and say " it won't pull it, Bob, it's not got enough *insert spectacular word*, and (shit you not) it would be right.
I never questioned how they knew these  things and I never questioned how little I knew about it...until I tried to write this post.....because I am aware that I sound really dumb right now, but my point will be valid, promise.
It turns out that men don't have to study these things, they don't have to work with them everyday, they don't have to do anything really...they just know. Want to know how? It starts real young.

About a month ago, Little Man discovered his penis. Good times. He used to stretch, flip, and crawl away during diaper changes but now he curls up like a Rollie Pollie to talk to his new found friend. I like that I don't have to chase him around, but getting his body unhinged can be a struggle. One day he had just gotten out of the bath and was laying on the bed on a towel....having a conversation with his new friend and I guess he got the bright idea that he wanted to look at it, so with that thought in mind he got a good hold of it and started to try to bring it up to his face. It didn't take but maybe one second before his stretching made his eyes bug out of his head and he quickly released his new friend, brought his hands up to his chest, and let out a big sigh.
Bam! His world was changed.

That's how all men know the power of threshold.

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  1. OMG, girl! Just wait until puberty strikes!