Saturday, April 19, 2014

They Only Turn One Once, They Wont Remember A Thing ...........

So, lately there has been a lot of talk about birthday parties. Is it appropriate to have a crazy. blow out party for a one year old? I've heard every point from one extreme to the next. There is the classic "they only turn one once" to the "they wont remember a thing you got them". I (naturally) have something to say to each side. For starters, no shit they only turn one once....and 2, 3,4, and I am going to have my first 30th birthday this year, but if you go by my mothers math Im going to be about 32-ish (Im not sure how the one that gave birth to me could add years -WAIT A MINUTE I think I have an idea there....sorry, Mom). Since you only turn the age you are, the year you get there that point is pretty much canceled out. SEE YA! Now, the second point "they wont remember a thing you get them.." well, well, well, arent you just a bit materialistic. Little Mans birthday is one week away, do you think I got him something life changing? No. Do I expect him to tell me when he turns (at the wise old age) 5 that he was so glad I got him that *insert whatever* on his first birthday and that he wouldnt know who he was or what he would do without *insert whatever*.......
Get it? 
OK. Good. 
BUT! What I do want him to remember is how it felt. How it feels to have that special day all to yourself, but I have to admit, now that I am a parent, birthdays took on a whole new special meaning, but more on that later. I want him to think about his birthday and get that flutter in his stomach of excitement. I want to see that flutter through his eyes as they light up and the apples of his cheeks flush red. THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! That is called magic and magic has become everything I am. :) What is life without it? I dont know and Im not going to find out. This whole concept is passed down from my own mother. She created a lot of magic for us when we were young and to this day, I know it was her, but my fluttering tummy will always have that little uncertainty that the Easter Bunny did come, Santa ate those cookies, those thumps were really reindeer, and my tooth is stuffed in some fairies pocket. So, am I going to have a huge birthday? It will be filled with the people that he loves, some new things to play with, a yummy cake to dive into, and giggles, upon giggles. 

Tonight, I am celebrating a first milestone for myself. I made my first Easter basket as a Mom. It was rather exciting to lay Little Man down to bed and sneak the loot out in the living room. I spread it all over the floor and began assembling like I was diffusing a bomb  fluffing Easter grass, filling eggs, layer the goodies just so. 
I also made note that I didnt think about basket size vs goodie volume.....I expect there will be more fails to parenting, so I am not going to beat myself up about it. Thats called picking your battles. 

So, friends, tonight I begin my journey of planting the first seed of magic deep, deep into the belly of a chubby little boy. He has no idea what is in store for him. :)

Little Man when he was 4 days old. 
Here he was 2.5 months. 

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