Friday, March 7, 2014

Plum Sauce

Starting a little one on solid food is a fun, fun ride. Go ahead and watch the first 45 seconds of the video. He is REALLY enjoying that, uh! I thought so too. My mom and I had spent a good part of last summer making our own baby food. We bought fresh fruits/vegetables and frozen fruits/vegetables, cooked them down, seasoned them, and pureed them. Little man loved most everything we put in his mouth. My mom also made some things for the family too. She made this awesome apple butter that we would dip our steak in (my mouth is watering thinking about it) and she made some spicy plum sauce (not for sissys) and regular plum sauce (for Little Man).  We have a cherry, pear, and apple trees, and berry bushes in our yard.....just typing this makes me long for summer. Anyway, back to this story. When I filmed this video I was laughing at him so hard! That reaction to each bite! Those fists! Those noises! Those little feet kicking!! I was so excited to find something that he loved so much, so fast! I couldnt wait to show my mom the video. I just knew she would be so proud that all that hard work was not in vain. When she came home that day I showed her the video and we were just rolling! She then asked (I still to this day do not know why she asked this) "Did you use the plum sauce in the basket or the door of the freezer?" ......long silence......
"The basket......why?"
"Well....that's the spicy plum sauce, dear."
Now, go back and watch me feed my poor (then 5 month old)  child spicy plum sauce. This reaction has a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

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  1. I watched the video; I think he likes it spicy.